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About Us

HS4HS is a diverse organization of the nation's best healthcare consultants, from different backgrounds and companies, who have come together to offer unique, integrated solutions in a new way: A best-practice format of on-line classwork and teamwork; on-site study and coaching; data-driven decision-making, front-line empowerment, and organizational development.

We provide a single contract for multiple services, united and managed seamlessly to your satisfaction.

Our specialties include

Management Performance Metrics with Business Intelligence tools, big data analytics and SAAS

Quality Improvement

Labor Productivity Management

Span of Control

Workforce Development

Business Growth and Competitive Standing

Emergency Services

Inpatient Nursing Services

Surgical Services



Physical Medicine

Oncology (Medical and Radiation Therapy)

Financial and Revenue Cycle Services

Patient Throughput

Patient Satisfaction

Logistics Optimization

Strategic Sourcing

Home Health and Telemedicine

Social Services

How We Work

We make optimal use of  virtual environments, real-time metric performance dashboards, shared data, best practice education,  on-site coaching,  participation and tools to  minimize project cost, time and  delay, and maximize participation, sustained results and continuous improvement.

Our participative model is exclusive, but not our LLC members. We are an organization of mature business leaders who each have their own firm. We have united together on specific HS4HS projects we are passionate about, under a single banner, contract and management. We  offer a model of seamless teamwork to your organization.