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Douglas Monroe

Doug has over twenty years of healthcare experience including strategy and strategic planning, physician engagement, clinical integration, accountable care, high reliability, clinical operations and large integrated consulting engagements. He has helped large systems, academic medical centers and community hospitals align governance, strategy, operations and outcomes with evidence-based clinical excellence, emerging healthcare reimbursement models, market demand and increased risk.

Before founding HAC, Doug served as the System Director for Quality and Patient Safety at a large, award-winning healthcare system in the south. His worked focused on engaging physicians in performance improvement activity through an Accountable Care Organization. 

Doug has over 10 years of consulting experience, much of it spent at traditional expense-reduction and revenue-enhancement consulting firms. His consulting work focused on engaging physicians and executives in meaningful dialogue and change connected to measurable and evidence-based improvement. 

At HAC Doug serves in roles including Board and Executive Services, Physician Engagement & Facilitation and Project Direction. He works with hospitals, healthcare systems and other consulting firms to optimize clinical enterprise through High Reliability, Physician Engagement, and Clinical Excellence

HAC Services Include:

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Infection Prevention

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