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B O L T: Business Optimization, Labor and Throughput

Traditional labor consulting is out. Improving your service line margin is in. Engaging your patient, physicians and clinicians is in. Capturing leakage and growing your business on a basis of growing productivity is in.

What is the foundation for BOLT?

Hybrid ESPs (Engineered Staffing Pools), with satisfying work life balance, coverage, talent, and experience levels on every shift.

Re-engineered hybrid care models leveraging on telehealth and virtual collaboration: immediately capture leakage and grow capacity.

BOLT is a holistic look at patient, community, service and margin from an entirely new view. Greater vigilance, reliable staffing, communication and patient touch on a smaller cost footprint? Because of the realities of hybrid work and telehealth, not in spite of them.

Heuristic Analytics Platform

The basis of all sustainable change is understanding.  Information is an objective means of choosing direction; a confirmation of progress or the need for further course correction.  We have three decades of experience in building sophisticated clinical, throughput, financial, materials and human capital dashboards. Our management software tools help health systems gain that understanding.  Using Business Intelligence applications and the ability to analyze big data, we turn data into information. This grows trust and consensus across all departments and professionals. We can adapt our proprietary apps to your organization, or help you build your own. We also offer ongoing support agreements and SAAS subscriptions to help assure performance improvements are sustained.

Emergency Service Line

Emergency Services represents the community face and the visible soul of the hospital. Every department has a role: eliminating delays, errors and waste. Our team facilitates rapid decision-making, assuring the best possible patient care and experience. We have helped hospitals produce award-winning Emergency Service, Inpatient Clinical and Ancillary Support collaborations.  We help you achieve measurable results including top performance on all CORE measures, Patient and Physician Satisfaction, and length of stay. We work with executives, clinicians and providers across the entire service line, including inpatient areas to assure sustainable results.

Care Management

Clinical and Population Health Leadership spans the challenges of providing full patient access, reducing care variation to navigating the passageways from outpatient through hospital, community placement and post acute care. A shared-governance approach, on a platform of real-time analytics, with  best-practice strategic facilitation and coaching, has helped health systems across the nation to provide the best possible service to their communities.

Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory Diagnostics have emerged as the critical factor in pandemic and population health management. Leading the market place with easy access, best practice equipment, services and operations across the laboratories of a health system can be a daunting challenge. We help systems, their hospitals and free-standing laboratories assess their markets, equipment, services and potential. Then we help them build and implement a pathway to greater patient service, access and profitability.

Supply Chain

Having the right supplies available, and at the best price, is a critical requirement of efficient and effective care. Our process starts with an assessment of vendor agreements, purchasing processes, inventory levels, space requirements, and restocking procedures. We assist in building a value analysis policy and team to assure physician and clinical staff supply preferences are met.  Part of our service includes reducing supply utilization costs per DRG, linen cost per patient day, food cost per meal, utility expense per square footage, etc. Our engagements have resulted in substantial and sustained bottom line savings for hospitals and health systems.